Hello, My name is Luan

Originally from the UK, my partner and I and our then baby daughter moved to New Zealand in 2006. That baby is now an adult and she has a sister who is two years her junior. We live on the West Coast at beautiful Piha.

The idea of AD began way back, when I started collecting vintage sari. I would sit online for hours looking through and ordering hundreds of saris. I was hoping to learn how to sew so that I could make unique pieces but soon realised that I was absolutely useless with a needle and thread. I had boxes of saris and had no idea what to do with them!

Then, tragically, in 2019 my darling sister passed away from cancer. It must have been part of my grieving process, because it gave me a clear vision of what I was going to do with those boxes of saris.

And here we are.

I've always been drawn to the bohemian vibe and soul of the 1970s - the music the attitude and the fashion - and my sister and I grew up in the 70s. AD encapsulates the feeling and nostalgia of the era, but with a modern twist - thanks to the amazing work of the wonderful boutique manafactures and artisans I work with in India.

Sustainable, ethical, seasonless, unique pieces designed in Piha, New Zealand, and hand crafted in India with love.

this is me and amber, how I miss her so

This is for you, Amber xx

This brand is in memory of my beautiful sister Amber Dawn Rose/Bedal. She had a pocketfull of dreams that she didn't quite fulfill and her passing spurred me into action - to do what I love and follow my dreams

I miss her so much xx

me and my mum wearing birkin blouses

Our beautiful Mother

I traveled a long way for this photo to be taken of my mother and I in our matching Birkin Blouses . 35 hours door to door to be precise. My parents live in Brighton (my hometown) in the UK. And it was worth every minute.

The blouses in this picture were the very first samples ever made - they've been tweaked quite a bit since then to create the perfect blouse!

The Birken Blouse.... for any age whether you are 20, 50 or 70+.

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